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I’m too busy to actually think through a complete post, but I feel like I need to update, so just some random things I’ll try to make seem as if they correlate to one another:The Washington Post has an interesting article on how the speed of information is helping break through The Great Firewall of China. The concept of The Speed of Information is something which interests me. In the original concept of the World Wide Web, Information travels via the ingenius use of Vannevar Bush‘s Memex – As described in his work As we may think, later inspiring the creation of Hypertext. A new philosophy of navigating through a multidimensional dataspace. Horizontal navigation, as opposed to the old hierarchical system. This revolution is not complete, (I, for one, am still waiting for Google Book Search to unbeta) but already we can see the beginning of the next. Perhaps it works together this way. If Web2.0 is about perpetual beta and folksonomies, then Web3.0 will be about making sense of it. Already the signal to noise ratio on some folksonomies is becoming quite appalling. RSS is ancient technology, and though the uses now being drawn with it are quite powerful, RSS Readers are creating a bottleneck; The ever-dreaded Information Overload.
So what is Web3.0? (God will punish me for using this term). The illustrious Semantic Web. You didn’t hear it here first, and hell, I may be wrong, but something needs to happen, or we’ll all drown.

Coming back to the subject of Free Speech, I found the comments on this post rather interesting.
Especially in light of all the Danish Cartoon drama, one has to wonder, what place do limits on free speech have in our world?
In Cory Doctorow‘s Post-Scarcity Utopia Down and Out in The Magic Kingdom, he introduces a new economy based on “Whuffie“, a reputation-based currency.
I find myself wandering in thought on to how Doctorow’s system (or something similar) would handle free-speech, particularly unpopular free-speech.

On another completely unrelated note, I’ve become quite fascinated with the works of one Charles Hoy Fort.
I’ve known of him since forever, but never actually read any of his work. Thank you again, internet.
Now I know that when I lose a sock in the washing machine, they are actually teleported to the Super-Saragasso Sea, and are not digested as sacrifice by the Gods of Washing as previously thought.

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  1. heh. i just did a paper on vannevar bush’s memex =P

  2. People mocked Hawking for his mistake, ridiculed Fort for his progressive outlook on science, and bashed Turing for being gay.


    If Superman is so smart why does he wear his underpants over his trousers? Hmm?

  3. Show me..!

  4. Check your email bizatch

  5. how come if vannevar bush pioneered the web everyone laughs at him for saying some stuff that turned out to be wrong?

  6. turing was blackmailed and then when he refused to be blackmailed was drugged by the British government and superman wears underpants over his tights, not his trousers. smarty-underpants!
    yay! may you be mocked for your genious too, but never drugged by the british government…
    love and huggables and kisses!!!!

  7. hehe, you are number 25. be seeing you!

  8. I, for one, welcome our new spandex-over-underwearing 25-year-young evil overlord.

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